My Mission:

To prepare a personalized, unique Safety Manual (typically within a couple of hours) for your contracting business, or other small business, for a reasonable price ; backed up by excellent customer service!

My Product:

My manual is in Microsoft Word and is complete when I e-mail it to you.  There is no need for you to add your company name or other company details.  I can even include your Company Logo.  It is ready for you to e-mail to others or to print.  Very convenient!  To get your manual, just fill out the Customer Form and pay with a Credit Card.

A Pandemic Preparedness Program now included in every manual.

Free Sample Available - Scroll Down For Information

Existing customers can update their old Safety Manual to meet current regulations for $25 or $50, depending on the date of their original safety manual.  See information on the Products Page.

My safety manual/IIPP is unique to each customer. I personalize and customize each manual before I e-mail it to you, so you don't have to do anything except print or e-mail it to your customer.

I stand behind my product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - I will refund your purchase price if you, or your customer, are not fully satisfied and I cannot make satisfactory changes.

I do not make refunds on ISN, Avetta or BROWZ manuals.  My guarantee means correcting any deficiencies noted by their auditors at no additional cost.

Want to see a Sample of what your Manual/IIPP will look like?  Simply complete and submit the Customer Form on this site.  I will e-mail you the Cover Page, the Table of Contents and the first 8 to 12 pages of your personalized and customized manual.  If you like it, you can purchase the complete Manual/IIPP on my secure website store and I will e-mail it to you the same day, usually within hours of your purchase.  This delivery method eliminates shipping and handling charges.