How soon can I get my manual?

Safety materials are e-mailed to you within hours, but no later than the same day you order and pay for the product, 7 days a week.  Orders placed after 7:00 PM Mountain Time may not be sent until the next day.

Do I get any hard copy or CD disks from Safety Made Simple? 

No. In order to keep my costs down so I can offer this material at a reasonable price, all products are e-mailed to the customer.

Can I make changes to the manual and the forms once I get them?

Yes. The manual and all the supporting forms are Microsoft Word documents. You can edit the documents and forms, and print as many copies as you need. You can add your company logo or print the documents on your company letterhead.

Is this program OSHA approved?

OSHA (or Cal-OSHA) does not "approve" any program, per se. The program is "compliant" with OSHA or Cal-OSHA. That means it contains the elements required by OSHA (Cal-OSHA) in a safety program manual.

Will having this manual keep me from getting fined by OSHA?

Not necessarily! Getting a Safety Program Manual is only the first step.  You need to follow through to have an effective Safety Program. If you get a visit from OSHA, they will want you to provide documentation that you actually perform the safety procedures described in the manual, such as; holding safety meetings, distributing and enforcing safety rules, investigating accidents, etc. If you have 11 or more employees, they will want to see your OSHA Injury Recordkeeping Logs for the last 3 years.

How are you able to provide this product at such a reasonable cost? 

An internet business, by nature, has lower overhead costs. In my case, I am a home based business with no office to rent; no shipping costs; and no printing costs.

Why do you emphasize that your target customer is a "Small Business"? 

Most companies with 50 or more employees have more complex safety requirements. They may need many pages of safety rules; or safety rules by department; or specific job safety procedures for each machine, etc. This product is an entry level safety program for a smaller construction contractor, manufacturing, warehousing, or other small business. There have been some larger companies that purchased my product to use it as a "foundation" on which to build a more comprehensive program manual; but this product is designed and intended for smaller employers.   Over 80% of my customers are construction trades sub-contractors or small general contractors.