ISN RAVS Sections


I have been receiving calls asking for specific RAVS Safety Sections. Some companies have submitted their safety manual to ISN and a small number of their sections have been labeled "Deficiency Found".  They do not want an entire new manual; only the sections they need to gain full approval.  I checked my competition and found some websites selling ISN Compliant Safety Sections priced from $14.95 to $29.95.  Since I already have most (if not all) of the RAVS Sections on my computer, I decided I would make them available for $15 each.  I include my standard guarantee that if any section is found "deficient" I will make the correction(s) at no cost to my customer.

Use the form below to select the RAVS Safety Sections required.  Before you click "Submit", count the number of sections you selected.  When you click "Submit", my store will pop up.   Selected the RAVS Safety Sections - $15 and click "Add To Cart".  Change the quantity in the cart from 1 to the number of sections you selected.  Check out with a credit card.

I will e-mail the sections to you in Microsoft Word format.  Instructions for personalizing the sections for your company will be provided in the header of each document.  You can use the "Save As" feature in Word to convert to a PDF file for upload to ISN.